Jodi Harris says, “For anyone looking to score a quick win with content marketing, I’d like to get one thing straight: Content marketing is not really a turnkey, one-strategy-fits-all technique.

For better or worse, successful content marketing works best when it’s a bespoke affair: custom-built to delight your audience and thoughtfully planned to produce tangible business results over the long term. But just because the content process is more artisanal than assembly line doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tried-and-true systems you can use to keep your pipeline flowing at peak performance.

One such tool no content marketing pro should be without is the editorial calendar. Calendars can take many forms – from a simple spreadsheet that guides your team through the production process to a fully interactive map of your content life cycle. But no matter how you construct it, keeping an accurate account of your editorial assets and activities will make you a more effective marketer – and a less stressed one, too”.

Editorial Calendar Tools and Templates

Content Marketing Institute

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