Blaise Lucey says, “Minimalism. As far as I can tell, it’s the art of throwing away things until your apartment looks like an Apple Store. But it’s a useful exercise — especially when it comes to prioritization and organization. Or, for a company, let’s call it reprioritization.

In 2010, as the social media craze went into overdrive, there was a very real fear of being left behind by The Future. You had to hire social media experts who understood The Future. You had to focus on building out a presence on every channel so you could connect with The Future.

The penalties, everyone was convinced, would be dire. Just like the rewards for First Adopters would be immense, gratuitous, paradisical. For a lucky few, that turned out to be true. Everyone else? Almost half (42 percent) of marketers are still trying to figure out how to calculate ROI from social media.

It’s time to start thinking minimalistically. Take a careful look at the time you spend on social channels and the time you spend creating content for those channels. Is your social media marketing cluttered? Are you constantly feeling stretched thin between too many different mediums?”.

The art of social media minimalism

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