AJ Agrawal says, “What makes a brand strong in 2017? If you’re thinking top-notch social media strategy and cutting-edge product development you’re not wrong — but you’re still overlooking a critical component: customer service.

Customer service doesn’t always generate the same media buzz as other brand practices, but it’s the glue that holds a brand together. Customer service is also your best marketing tool; if you succeed at delivering a wow-worthy experience, your customers will come back — and they might even bring their friends.

Today, customers can find out in an instant if a brand is dedicated to creating a positive experience. If a company fails to provide exemplary service, every potential customer may just find out and, subsequently, take his or her business elsewhere. That’s how much social media and review sites have raised the stakes for businesses.

However, there still remain tried and true tactics you can employ to ensure you’re delivering the best experience possible”.

Want Loyal Customers? Prioritize Your Customer Service With These 4 Tactics


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