David Moth says, “Later this year – July 4 to be exact – Econsultancy is hosting a new event that will investigate how AI is impacting marketing.

As well as looking at how AI will change the way marketers implement CRM and content personalisation, the agenda at Supercharged also includes a few talks on chatbots.

This inspired us to launch our own Facebook Messenger chatbot to offer people information about the event. The bot is already live – you can speak to it via our Facebook page or by searching ‘Econsultancy’ in Messenger.

At Econsultancy we’ve always been happy about sharing our own data, as we know that our audience loves to learn from case studies.

So as well as building the chatbot, we thought it would be useful to blog about the development process so that you, dear reader, can get an insight into how it all works.

If you’re unsure of what a chatbot is, you can get a decent overview from these other posts:

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