Astroblu, the WordPress theme development company, has just released a new theme dedicated to building e-commerce stores and affiliate stores. They call is Uzicom.

This theme lets you take advantage of many e-commerce advantages such as you might pay thousands of dollars for, annually, with the “big names” of e-commerce, like and

It can be used for affiliate sites, such as Amazon stores, or for selling your own products, or as a consultant you can use it for your offline clients who want to create an online sales channel.

Uzicom is unusually flexible, allowing you to create any number of modern, clean-design sites. (And it comes with a developer’s license so you literally can make any number of sotes.)

Besides that, it is:
• Ultra-responsive, adapting to any size screen
• SEO Optimized to help you get free traffic
• Supports the latest web technology: HTML4, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3 and WordPress 4
• It’s optimized for touchscreen devices, such as phones, so visitor interactions will be natural.

It is on sale through Thursday, at a low “earlybird” price. (Use the coupon code “earlybird” for substantial savings). After Thursday, it goes into their catalog as one of many themes they sell, at their regular pricing.

With the help of the Astroblu team, we have arranged a slate of fine bonuses that will enhance your e-commerce even more. See all our bonuses on your bonus page, IM NewsWatch bonuses for Uzicom

Get the whole package here: Uzicom WordPress Theme.

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