Monica Montesa says, “If someone is interacting with your content, you know that you have a hot prospect on your hands. And when you’ve got a hot prospect, the last thing you want is for it to cool down.

That’s why automated email campaigns (aka follow ups or autoresponders) can be so beneficial to your business. In fact, you may have already seen how creating campaigns can help ensure that you’re not missing out on key opportunities while you’re busy doing other things.

For some, automated emails is the core of their business.

“Email automation is the lifeblood to our businesses. Whether we are using a ‘Welcome Series’ for new subscribers, an invitation series for people requesting access to our products, an ascension series for transitioning a lead to a buyer… we are constantly using automation to create more touchpoints with the prospect/customer.” – Justin Rondeau, DigitalMarketer

Whether you’re new to email automation or you’ve already implemented it, let’s dive into a few more ways you can rev up your campaigns to maximize your ROI on email marketing”.

4 Novel Ways to Get More Out of Your Automated Campaigns


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