Ginny Marvin says, “Google began notifying Google Trusted Stores merchants last week that the program will soon wind down. In its place will be Google Customer Reviews. The change was first reported by Exclusive Concepts.

Google Customer Reviews

Like Google Trusted Stores, the new program is also free, but it is not a certification program. Google Customer Reviews collects reviews on behalf of advertisers from customers after they purchase and receive their orders.

Google Customer Reviews will be managed through Google Merchant Center. When it becomes widely available, according to an update to the help center, merchants who aren’t in Google Trusted Stores already will find it listed as an option in Merchant Center programs from the three-dot navigation icon in the upper right corner of Merchant Center.

Google Trusted Stores merchants will have their accounts migrated automatically and see Customer Reviews listed in the left-hand navigation in their Merchant Center accounts.

If approved, new merchants will need to add the survey opt-in module to their websites. When consumers opt in after making a purchase, Google contacts them to rate their purchases once they’ve received their orders”.

Google tells retailers the Trusted Stores program is shutting down

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