Ben Dickens says, “Making a case for moving your UGC strategy beyond reviews, background to UGC strategy and why it’s such a successful marketing strategy.

You’ve probably noticed lots of noise about content marketing and specifically user-generated content (UGC) at the moment. But UGC isn’t a new thing; customer reviews sites have been around for decades, and certain ones are huge players on the digital field.

Often, when brands consider incorporating UGC into the business, it is straightforward customer reviews that spring to mind. For marketers, this means striving to achieve only positive reviews, which is why many, even very experienced and “switched-on” marketers, are often fearful of embracing UGC in their marketing mix.

But reviews really are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to UGC, and a strategy that effectively leverages UGC is a powerful thing indeed. An intrinsic element of a well-crafted content marketing approach, UGC can be the fuel that drives wider engagement, builds trust and powers marketing channels well beyond the lifespan of a campaign, even a really well-integrated one”.

User-Generated Content – More Than Customer Reviews