David Booth says, “If you’re a digital marketer these days, odds are extremely good that web analytics is a major part of your toolkit. With its massive adoption in the market, odds are also good that the tool you’re using is Google Analytics.

But are you really getting everything you can out of it?

Here at Cardinal Path, we help our customers extract the most value they possibly can from data, and that means leveraging the most powerful, obscure, underutilized bells and whistles of Google Analytics’ standard and 360 products.

Here’s a checklist that can help ensure you’re taking advantage of the many value-added features within Google Analytics.

Enable and activate those core configurations and features!

We’ll start out with the basics. There are a lot of settings, configurations and core features to work through, but each of them can be used to help you clean up your data, make reports easier to use, and ultimately help you make data-driven decisions more efficiently”.

Are you leveraging these underutilized Google Analytics features?

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