Precious Ng and Emi Nelson have been underground perfecting their “guaranteed viral lead” system they call FlowLeads. (It hasn’t been released yet; but keep reading.)

Ng and Nelson have discovered a way anybody (even a raw beginner) can get 200-500 new leads everyday for free. The best part is, the leads continue to come on auto-pilot.

They call their method “Mean Cat Method”, and they say that it is brand new. They have created software (also brand new) to automate this method.

That’s the FlowLeads application, mentioned above. (Not available yet, but it will be on Monday. Keep reading.)

To use this new application, they say, all you do is:
1. Login to the dashboard,
2. Connect your autoresponder account,
3. Select your niche and fill in your selected template then
4. Push the “start” button and
5. watch your email list grow on auto-pilot.

They have been using this software to add 100-500 subscribers daily to their email list and it works in any niche.

This approach is so attractive because:
• You do zero work once you set up your squeeze page
• The leads you get are 100% free
• It’s fully automated and hosted in the cloud.

Regardless of what niche or what kind of product you sell, you need an email list. This new software will build it for you completely hands-free.

They are opening up FlowLeads to the public on Monday, 27th February, 2017, @ 11am EST. We will remind you.

For now, take a look at this introductory video that shows you how easy it is to use this new tool and how flexible it is in letting you build your viral lead-getting process:
FlowLeads introductory video

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