Nikki Gilliland says, “I recently wrote about how Instagram’s copycat tactics could be damaging Snapchat.

Well, Facebook’s been at it again.

It’s just announced the introduction of disappearing photos and videos into its messaging app, WhatsApp. Which, yes, is a feature that is pretty much identical to Snapchat Stories.

So, what will this mean for users of both? And what about brands? Here’s a bit more on the story.

What is the ‘Status’ feature?

WhatsApp has always provided users with the option of having a ‘status’. It’s the little phrase beside a person’s name that says ‘at work’, ‘busy’ or ‘at the gym’.

In fact, the app was originally built around this very idea, i.e. that you could let your friends or family know what you were currently up to. As the app evolved, it became one of the most under-used and forgotten about elements.

Now, ‘status’ is being reintroduced in a big way”.

Will Snapchat suffer from WhatsApp’s new ‘Status’ feature?