Patricio Robles says, “Don’t look now: while PayPal continues to be the dominant online payments service, Amazon’s Pay with Amazon is growing rapidly.

In a press release last week, the ecommerce giant revealed that 33m of its customers have now used Amazon Payments to make a purchase, and last year Pay with Amazon transaction volume doubled.

All told, Amazon customers in more than 170 countries used Amazon Payments last year and Amazon says that more than 50% of them are Prime members. The average purchase for Pay with Amazon transactions was $80, and the largest purchase Amazon Payments handled was $40,000.

While Amazon didn’t reveal how many merchants are now offering Pay with Amazon, it says that active merchants grew by 120% last year.

Amazon Payments launched in 2007 and operates as a subsidiary of Amazon. Its focus is Pay with Amazon, which as the name suggests, allows individuals to make purchases using their Amazon accounts”.

Amazon Payments usage grows: should you adopt it?


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