The one thing that most digital marketers struggle with when it comes to promoting products and services via social media is Graphic Design.

If you want to sell online, being able to professionally convey your message to your audience with words and pictures that are eye-catching and intriguing can mean the difference between success and failure in your business.

The graphics you use on your site are at the heart of your professional, inviting site design. But it can be frustrating and expensive to get the kind of graphics that will serve you well.

With the popularity of social media and the impact they can have on your sales, you need to spread your graphics around to get maximum exposure for your products and services.

To help you get top-notch graphics for a tiny cost, Jimmy Kim invented Social Studio FX, his tools to create professional graphic content for your own site and for social media sites that even a beginner can use.

This new tool is being launched today, and it may be the answer to all your graphic needs, and no design experience is required.

The popular social media sites use different size standards for their graphic ads and content. So in Social Studio FX, the “virtual canvas” you use to build your graphics comes in 66 Different sizes suitable for:
• Facebook,
• Twitter,
• LinkedIn,
• Google Plus,
• YouTube,
• Instagram,
• Pinterest,
• Web sites (including WordPress), and
• Even your own custom sizes.

How do you fill up these virtual canvases to build your pro graphics?

Well, Social Studio FX also includes 200 done-for-you templates with:
■ 14,000 Unique Designs,
■ 8,000+ Stock Images,
■ 6,000+ icons,
■ 180+ Web fonts,

You can mix and match these components to create many thousands of graphics, no two looking the same unless you want them to.

Not only will Social Studio FX save you time and energy, but it will also let your graphics go live online sooner.

For the best graphics at the best price, get your own copy here: Social Studio FX

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