Patricio Robles says, “Programmatic continues to take over the digital advertising world, fueled in large part by advertisers who are enticed by the advantages programmatic offers, such as the ability to target audiences at scale.

But what about publishers? How do they feel about programmatic?

A survey conducted by ad tech firm Operative concluded that “when it comes to programmatic…publishers are from Mars, advertisers are from Venus.”

While advertisers are increasingly spending through programmatic buys, because of the complex nature of the programmatic ecosystem, much of the money advertisers are spending is being gobbled up by middlemen and not finding its way to publishers.

In fact, Operative says that half of the publishers it polled said that programmatic generates less than 10% of their digital ad revenue.

According to Operative, there are a number of reasons that many publishers are struggling with programmatic”.

Advertisers love programmatic, but what about publishers?


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