Jonathan Long says, “The internet provides unlimited potential in terms of customer reach and opportunity, and while there is some online marketing that can be done for free, most effective strategies require a marketing budget.

My agencies focus on performance-based digital ad buys and influencer marketing — both of which require a sizeable monthly budget. While not for everyone, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to market a business online using a much smaller budget. I’m often asked for alternative options for those with a limited budget, and the number that’s thrown out more than any other is $500.

I spoke with ten business owners and asked them to share their best tip for marketing online with a $500 budget. If you are working with a small budget, use these ten strategies to help you get the most out of every marketing dollar at your disposal.

1. Launch a Facebook ads campaign.

“With Facebook ads, you know exactly where every dollar goes. You are able to place your offer in front of a very targeted audience and you see how much each dollar you spend brings back in”.

10 Ways to Market Your Business Online for $500


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