Megan Rose Dickey says, “Since Google+ is still alive and kicking, Google is rolling out three updates to the product over the next couple of weeks. For one, those who still use Google+ will be able to hide low-quality comments so that they can focus “on the comments that matter most,” Google+ Product Manager Danielle Buckley wrote on the company’s blog today.

Another update entails zoom capabilities on photos and making it so that you’ll see less white space on the screen. Back in the day, when I dabbled with Google+, I do remember seeing a bunch of beautiful photos on the site, but I just wonder how many there are these days.

Anyway, Google seems most excited about the return of Events. Starting January 24, people will be able to create and join events on Google+. That date also marks the official end of the old Google+, but fear not! Google is not ready to totally throw in the towel just yet”.

Google+ won’t go away


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