Nash Riggins says, “Handling the delivery side of an eCommerce operation can be a nightmare for small business owners. Between scrambling to generate leads, stocking popular products and fulfilling new web orders, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay on the ball all the time.

That’s why more and more small eCommerce businesses are turning to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Selling on Amazon

If you’re operating in the retail space and not selling your products on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), you’re probably missing a trick. Over the past couple of decades, the behemoth site has risen to become the globe’s leading e-retailer. Last year, it brought in more than $107 billion in net sales in the United States alone. And fortunately for small business owners, Amazon relies heavily on a steady stream of independent sellers in order to keep those profits soaring.

If you haven’t already registered to become a Seller on Amazon, it’s dead simple. The site’s platform enables users to select from a wide range of product categories in order to set up their own online store based on a selection of various fee structures”.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon and How Can You Use it For Your eCommerce Business?

Small Business Trends

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