Bryson Meunier says, “Hopefully, all of you learned from “Mobilegeddon” in 2015 and “Mobilegeddon 2” in 2016 that the updates Google makes to improve the smartphone user experience for the majority of Google searchers are not the end of the world. Not even close, in fact.

Still, I have seen a lot of articles focused on this topic in relation to Google’s new mobile-first index, which will be launching finally this year — almost two years after Google’s Gary Illyes referenced it at SMX West.

Here’s what you need to remember in order to fully take advantage of the opportunity that is the mobile index in 2017:

1. Don’t panic
You may be wondering if you need to change your canonical tags, or if rankings will change, since mobile pages typically have fewer links and content is more sparse, or if expandable mobile content will count toward ranking in a new mobile index. All of these are fair questions, and you can find the answers here on Search Engine Land or at any of these fine sites.

The important thing to remember is not to panic. Google’s Paul Haahr and Gary Illyes have both gone on record as saying they expect minimal changes in search results as a result of the mobile-first index, so it’s highly unlikely that this event will be anything close to a Mobilegeddon 3”.

A simple checklist to prep for the Google mobile-first index

Search Engine Land

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