We told you a week ago about the special offer from John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson to set you up in an online business with their Niche Marketing Kit Year-end Sale.

They just announced another year-end sale, and it’s another resale offer, called The Ultimate Reseller Kit. It offers 100% commissions. And all you have to do is give away free memberships in their marketing clubs. And they report that you can get a 90% discount on their usual charge for this kit.

The Ultimate Reseller Kit authorizes you to market 10 fully loaded membership sites, each one is built around the “freemium” based model. The concept is that each of these 10 membership sites has high quality free content available to anyone who signs up for a “silver” membership.

Then, there is a deluxe (“Gold”) membership for each site. Free members are offered an opportunity to upgrade their membership to the Gold level to receive additional resources. When they do, you get 100% of the fee they pay.

Not only that, but as they continue to enjoy their membership, they are frequently offered additional products they can buy. And you get a commission on these products, too, so there is the potential for ongoing income besides the front-end income.

Here’s what you are getting:
■ Your Name is on each site to improve your online branding and boost your ‘brand’ status. This way, you’ll get to be the expert on all 10 sites.
■ Your own ads will be Running In Each Site so via your site management panel you can rotate up to 3 of your own banner ads. Use them any way you want. For example, you can use these ad spots to cross-promote your other new membership sites.
■ Any logout links you choose on your sites: Just select the site you want people to see when they leave your member’s area, and the rest is done automatically.
■ Complete ready made marketing kit to help you promote your sites, with all the tools you could ever need to promote your sites.

Thornhill and Nicholson have included in The Ultimate Reseller Kit the key ingredients for your success. Promote the site, get traffic and reap the rewards.

This just hits the high points. Check out their whole solution they are offering you here: The Ultimate Reseller Kit

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