Joe Pulizzi says, “In this first official podcast of 2017, Joe and Robert discuss the ad fraud “Methbot” issue and what it means for programmatic advertising. The boys rip to pieces a 2017 trends post, and then outline why native advertising is not the savior some experts thought it was – for either publishers or brands. Rants and raves include the history of video games and Generation Z. This week’s TOM example: Purina’s Chase the Chuck Wagon.

1. Content marketing in the news

Methbot – an ad fraud scheme costs advertisers $3 million per day (11:03): Russian hackers are back in the news. Their target? 6,000-plus publishers, from Huffington Post to ESPN, and the brands that advertise on those sites, according to WhiteOps as reported in Advertising Age. Dubbed “Methbot,” the scheme involves the creation of a half-million fake users and 250,000 fake websites to mimic human behavior, duping advertisers into paying for impressions never seen by humans to the tune of $3 million to $5 million a day”.

Native Advertising – Not the Savior Publishers and Brands Thought

Content Marketing Institute

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