Nayomi Chibana says, “What makes people want to share an infographic?

Is it a certain color scheme that catches the eye? Do certain formats work better than others? Or, in the end, is it all about the content? At Visme, we set out to answer these questions by performing a content analysis of the most shared infographics on social media.

Using BuzzSumo, we identified every infographic with more than 5,000 shares across some major social media platforms — Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ — and analyzed them for different characteristics. Those were things like word count, size, colors used, format, and topic. New Call-to-action

Here’s what we found after analyzing over 200 infographics — and takeaways on how you can apply these insights to your own infographics, making them more shareable.”.

The Science Behind the Most Popular Infographics of 2016


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