George Anderson says, “It’s no secret that e-commerce adoption in the B2B market is still light-years behind B2C. The B2B market is extremely complex, and B2B e-commerce websites aren’t as simple as B2C online stores. This complexity has kept B2B selling largely in offline mode.

However, all of that is changing. As Forrester reports, the B2B e-commerce market is expected to reach $1.2 trillion in the next 5 years. B2B companies are pursuing e-commerce solutions with a vigor which we haven’t seen before.

Today’s B2B executives and operations managers understand the benefits which an e-commerce solution will bring to their company, but they have many questions about the transition itself. A new e-commerce model means streamlined business processes and redefined roles for many employees. It’s a stressful transition for everyone involved. How can executives and managers prepare their teams for the move to e-commerce?”.

B2B Operations: 5 Tips to Ease the Transition to E-commerce

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