Thomas Smale says, “If you’re subscribed to any number of newsletters, there’s a good chance you saw Black Friday promotions coming from your favorite brands — and those promotions are increasing each year, coming from unlikely or at least less likely places.

So, if we now look back a month to take stock of this year, 2016’s, results: How does Black Friday affect businesses, and how has it changed, with the rise of online stores and mobile shopping? Is it helping or hurting businesses? What were some of the most successful Black Friday deals?

Black Friday results and how they’re affecting businesses

According to the National Retail Federation, the annual Thanksgiving weekend results survey indicated that more than 154 million consumers would shop, up from 151 million shoppers in 2015. Breaking the numbers down, 44 percent shopped online, while 40 percent shopped in-store. The most popular day for online shopping was Friday.

TechCrunch, meanwhile, noted that Friday was a record-breaking day, with $3.34 billion spent online, $5.27 billion if you include numbers from Thanksgiving Day. Mobile sales alone drove $1.2 billion”.

Were Stores or Mobile Sales More Successful on This Year’s Black Friday?


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