We have been telling you about this new software for several days. The news is that there’s now a coupon for $10 off: livestream2016. Use it when you check out for a significant saving.

Delilah Taylor has teamed up with Frank Schramm and Andreas to release new software that makes Facebook marketing a lot easier.

Live Stream Machine allows you to syndicate your Facebook Live video to many places where you interact with your audience. For example, you can place your live stream videos in multiple Facebook groups, on multiple Facebook pages that you own, as well as to your accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest.

In addition, Live Stream Machine will let you to “boost” your offline videos, too. This way, you can upload a video file from your computer or even link to any video on the internet. The software will then syndicate the non-live video across your different social media accounts.

Until recently, social media and video marketing were separate disciplines. Now, though, you can create synergy by using them together.

That’s important because without social traffic, your videos aren’t going to get the attention you are looking for. At the same time, without the power of video, social media campaigns can get lost in the crowd.

But how do you take advantage of the potential synergy? The answer is automated syndication with Live Stream Machine

This new generation software turns your video and social campaigns into traffic driving systems by automatically syndicating your videos and posts across the world’s top social networks.

In fact, you can even drive traffic (for example, to an affiliate offer) using someone else’s video, as easily as using your own video. This way, you can exploit Facebook Live for maximum profit.

Testers are getting improved traffic from day one, and it’s 100% free traffic.

By the way, Delilah and her team are including some helpful bonuses for you, but only during this limited launch,so hurry and grab your license, here, today: Live Stream Machine

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