David Trounce says, “Most small business relies on organic search and pay-per-click advertising. Under pressure, it is tempting to throw your money at the shady expertise of an SEO service or toward a poorly run pay-per-click campaign, just to get something happening. However, while the online competition may have increased, the reality is that the playing field is still fairly even.

With patience, a small start-up that is willing to take the long view can still build their brand, rank well in Google and see growth in sales. One of the levelers for any business, no matter how big or small, are the processes that drive your marketing strategy. “Chunk-up” marketing is one such process that has been used by many successful brands.

What chunk-up marketing is and what it does

Chunk-up marketing approaches the marketing process, including search engine optimization, through a series of small, deliberate steps that bring authoritative long-term results for a brand.

“Chunking” is a term found in a range of professional disciplines, including psychology. It involves moving from one concept to another through a series of connected ideas. These days, it is used as a problem-solving device in business. It is about breaking up the core business mission into manageable, interconnected components”.

How to Build a Power Brand Through Chunk-Up Marketing


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