Jenny Knizner says, “If you are considering a marketing automation tool, you may be pondering: “If we’re paying for a robust marketing automation tool, why do we need a separate web analytics tracking tool? Doesn’t the marketing automation tool provide all that I need?”

While you’re asking the marketing automation vs. analytics question, don’t forget your sales or executive team. They probably want to know how all that marketing data works with the data in their CRM.

Connecting and analyzing data in this multi-device, multi-channel world can leave you feeling like there is simultaneously too much and too little data. The best method to overcoming this data fragmentation issue is to understand what kind of data each platform offers and how it can all work together so you can have a full-circle view of your customer.

By going full circle, you gain the most comprehensive view of how your marketing is performing. All that data enables you to build better websites, content, and interactions with users“.

Google Analytics + Marketing Automation: How to Get Better Insights About Your Audience

Content Marketing Institute

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