Last June, iGloo website builder was launched. It was an immediate success, selling 6,000 copies in just a few days.

Today, Josh Ratta, the creator, is releasing an updated version of this software that does even more for you.

Some of the new features include:
• iGloo Member, enabling users to now create beautiful membership sites with their iGloo pages as well as other WordPress pages.

• Advanced marketing & engagement features such as ‘dynamic variables (use the to create custom pages with the name of your visitor), voice-over Calls To Action, sound effects, looping animations and animated text and a lot more.

With iGloo Reloaded, you have a library of templates available for many purposes. Choose a template and customize it any way you like. There are templates for both online and offline businesses, for opt-in pages, for sales pages, for login pages, and a lot more.

You can drag and drop icns, photos, animations, testimonial blocks and more.

Easily change the size and style of any text you create for your site.

Build just one page to use for opt-ins or a whole website, even a membership site, complete with multiple levels of locked content.

It integrates with Paypal to receive payments from your clients, and with JVZ00, so you can sell affiliate products from your site.

If you are looking for a web page builder, one that even a completely non-technical person can use, iGloo Reloaded is worth your consideration. It’s drag and drop method of building web pages, plus its collection of templates you can customize and a library of royalty-free images, make this the web page builder to beat.

If you have the original iGloo, you will want to upgrade to the new reloaded version in order to receive the membership site creator and extra features. And here’s the good news: there’s a special upgrade price for you.

If you aren’t a current customer, the 4 day Grand Opening Sale will get you in at a very reasonable cost. From 9 AM to 11 AM, EST, there is an even lower early bird price. Early Bird Discount will be 10% off.

Check out iGloo Reloaded right now while the price is low.