Michelle Cruz says, “Gone are the days when Bing took years to catch up to the new and innovative applications Google had launched within AdWords. In recent months, Bing Ads has been able to quickly implement comparable tools and features — indeed, they even have some unique features that AdWords does not offer.

Unfortunately, Bing is still often seen as the secondary choice when launching a paid search campaign. Marketers underestimate the true value of this ad platform and its unique audience. I have had great success with Bing campaigns; in some instances, the results far surpass outcomes obtained via the highly competitive Google platform.

The last couple of years have been exciting for Bing Ads, with the implementation of many new tools and features. Here are five of my favorite enhancements.

1. The Bing Ads app

I recently launched a new Bing advertising account and was impressed to see the availability of a Bing Ads app, which launched for iOS in April 2015. (The Android version was released later that year.)“.

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