Marcus Varner says, ““When can you get started on that blog post?”

“When will you have that e-book done?”

If you’re like many content creators, these questions can bring on an outbreak of cold sweat, an uneasy feeling in your gut, or even a full-blown panic attack. But why?

It’s not like you’re a newbie to the production process. And you already understand the value of tracking, measuring, and making decisions based on data. But for some reason, you haven’t connected the two to become more disciplined and deliberate in your content production.

Todd Patton, content marketing manager at Branch Metrics in Palo Alto, admits:

As content creators, we are very results-focused. I’d much rather go to my boss and report that we acquired 100 MQLs from a certain e-book than how long it took me to put that e-book together.”

Unfortunately, your tendency to avoid your content creation data leaves you unable to forecast how long work will take and when it will be delivered, and unable to accurately measure the cost and value of the content you produce”.

4 Ways to Use Data to Better Understand Your Content Production Process

Content Marketing Institute

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