YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the word. People from all over want to see the latest videos, to keep up with the news, to learn about their hobbies, to be entertained and more. The traffic it receives is almost beyond belief.

That’s why savvy marketers are using YouTube to sell their products and services. Not all marketers are savvy, though, even some of the ones that are using YouTube.

You want to be one of the savvy ones, not one of the hapless ones who, without the right forethought, upload a random video, hoping it will do them some good.

Smart marketers find out which marketing videos are attracting a lot of interest and find out what makes them so popular and copy their winning principles.

That’s why marketing consultants Chris Fox and Andrew Fox created the new YT Gorilla software. It lets you instantly find the leading YT videos for your niche, so you can discover what makes them tick.

Just enter your keyword and YT Gorilla will find the most visited video in this niche. Or enter a channel name and find its most visited videos. Either way, the software Instantly shares all video info, including keywords targeted and descriptions.

Once you have found the top videos, you can just enter their information into the “Adwords Search Tool” to get their keywords. Use the same keywords yourself for your own videos. You know these keywords are good since it is the keywords are what brought people to these top videos.

Here’s another idea. You may be able to rent space on the top video’s page in YT. Just contact the owner, with the information YT Gorilla gave you, and ask of you could place your link on their page.

You can set up alerts in the software so that when videos go viral, you can copy the keywords and use them to make your own video or contact the owner to put your link underneath it.

And the list of benefits YT Gorilla provides goes on. For example, a Full Spy Kit is included that you can use to analyze a competitor’s Website, Social Media accounts, Alexa Rank and much more.
In this launch phase, you can, for a one-time fee, take advantage of all this:
• Unlimited Searches per month
• Unlimited Alerts per month
• Adwords Gorilla software
• Domain Spy software
• Website Spy software
• Social Network Analyzer
• Keyword Analyzer
• Keyword Position Tracker
• Malware Scan
• Bonus – Cut n paste Email Templates for Approaching YouTube Channel owners about placing your link on their page

If you want to use YouTube (and you should), you can use YT Gorilla to get the most out of its power to bring you traffic.

Get the whole story here, then get your copy while the grand opening is under way: YT Gorilla

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