AJ Wicox says, “All too often, I hear two complaints about LinkedIn Ads:

  1. It’s too expensive.
  2. It doesn’t work.

Generally, when I hear this feedback, it’s from those who don’t have the right business to be advertising on LinkedIn. So I thought I’d share what types of businesses should be using LinkedIn, as well as those that should avoid the platform.

Who should advertise on LinkedIn

The three verticals that tend to work best are:

  1. high-value B2B products & services;
  2. recruiting efforts; and
  3. higher education.

High-value B2B products & services

Subscription services (like SaaS) tend to work well because the predictable revenue over time tends to mean higher profits per customer to the business. Your business model needn’t include a subscription component to be successful, though”.

Should you be using LinkedIn Ads?

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