Yaro Starak says, “Think of a movie or television star…

…Now think of the movie or show they are most known for.

(Arnold Schwarzenegger = Terminator, David Schwimmer = Friends, Kate Winslet = Titanic, Julia Roberts = Pretty Woman)

Next think of an author. What book are they best known for?

(Elizabeth Gilbert = Eat, Pray, Love, Paulo Coelho = The Alchemist, Roald Dahl = Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Most well known creative people have a huge body of work, but there’s frequently one big break out success that they become known for far above everything else.

Humans are good at association. We remember things by connecting a person with an event or an experience we had with them or their work, often referred to us by another human being.

We like to compartmentalize too. It makes it easier for recollection and transmission to other human beings. We put things into ‘boxes’ in our brains with simple labels we can easily share with others when asked”.

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