Stela Yordanova says, “In my previous article, I discussed ways to measure and analyze website traffic, engagement and conversions. In this piece, I share seven of my favorite Google Analytics reports that help B2B marketers further analyze and understand website visitors.

1. Geographical report

If you target certain regions or are running advertising campaigns in particular markets, the Geographical (Geo) report will help you analyze how users from these areas behave on your website. B2B marketers can use this data to determine advertising effectiveness and identify needed improvements (specific to each region), as well as compare audiences and segment users for retargeting campaigns. You can even set up your own segments to separate traffic from desired locations and analyze it further.

2. Demographics and Interests report

The Demographics and Interests report also will provide insightful data that can help you better understand website visitors and their behaviors based on attributes like age, gender, affinity categories and in-market segments. To access this data, Google Analytics require additional settings at the property level. Make sure to proactively enable these reports to leverage their insights.

B2B marketers can use the Demographics and Interests report to make sure the content that is being created serves the needs of the targeted audience. For example, you can determine the attributes of visitors who are downloading a white paper, registering for a webinar or requesting a free trial. Demographic data can be used to profile valuable leads and identify new market segments to target”.

7 Google Analytics reports that demystify your B2B audience

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