As an online marketer, for the best results, you need to grow your mailing list and you need to sell something to your list. Without a list, you are just looking at one-off sales to people who happen to come across your site.

To build your list (or even to sell a product as a one-off sale), your sales pages and opt-in pages need to be convincing. But how do you know what is convincing? Testing multiple versions is the only way.

If you don’t test, you don’t know if your ad is doing as well as it could be. Test things like:
• Would a free e-book convince more people to sign up for your list than a free webinar?
• Would you get more sales if your headline were in blue, rather that red?
• Would the picture of the baby in the car seat bring more sales than the picture of the car seat by itself?
• Does sales letter A get more responses than sales letter B?

To answer these and similar questions, you need to split test your ad. Show some people one version; show some people the other, and see which sells more.

If you had to do this by hand, it would be an enormous task. Fortunately, there is software that will make this split testing easy for you: Split Test Monkey.

Split Test Monkey works on any page, so you can test any part your site, such as squeeze page, sales page, or affiliate recruitment page. Literally, anything you choose.

The plugin does the statistical work for you, so you will easily know which to keep and which to discard.

You can disable any version once you know it isn’t working for you so you can keep only the best pages in the test, as you develop additional versions.

This may be the solution to your testing problems. Get the whole story here, and get your copy, too: Split Test Monkey

Remember, split testing can make all the difference in how effective your ad pages are. Test, compare the results and choose the most effective version.

Probably it’s true that nothing else you could do in your business would improve it more than starting split testing. Thanks to the release of Split Test Monkey software, you can easily get started today.

Don’t make excuses; make money and make more by split testing.

Check it out for yourself here: Split Test Monkey

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