Ginny Marvin says, “Bing Ads has updated the campaign creation workflow; it’s now designed to make it easier for advertisers to get campaigns set up and activated. Throughout the process, more options are available so you won’t have to go back and remember to update settings and options after a campaign is created. Performance estimates are also built in along the way to help inform your settings from the outset.

The new setup starts with the option of selecting a campaign goal or importing campaigns from Google, importing from a file or researching keywords.

If you select a campaign goal, the options available will be tailored accordingly in the remaining setup steps. From the revised Campaign Settings screen, Bing Ads has added the option to copy settings from an existing campaign and has consolidated location targeting options to include radius targeting management, along with other location targeting”.

Bing Ads rolls out a new, more comprehensive campaign setup process

Search Engine Land

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