Melissa Burns says, “Guest posting is one of the primary ways to attract traffic to your blog. However, many bloggers still have only a rather vague understanding of how to use this method.

If you find yourself stumbling about for the right approach, here is some advice.

1. Understand what high-quality content is

A good guest post is supposed to do its job – both for you and for the target blog. It may sound obvious, but it is amazing how many bloggers forget this essential truth.

  • The post should be attractive for target blog’s audience. This is achieved by choosing a topic reflecting their interests and choosing a catchy title.
  • The topic should fall into the interest range of your own audience. You don’t want random people coming to your blog; once they see you don’t cover their interests, they will immediately leave.
  • Pay special attention to your call to action. Make it creative, unusual, quirky – anything but bland and forgettable author bios written by the vast majority of guest bloggers”.

3 Tips for Successful Guest Blogging