Shaun Quarton says, “If you use WordPress regularly, you probably have a good handle on how everything works.

However, a little digging is required to access WordPress’ functionalities in full. You might not realize there are plenty of “hidden” WordPress features – some more hidden than others.

In today’s post, I’m going to uncover 20 of these hidden WordPress features, so that you can get the maximum from the world’s most popular CMS.

This post is primarily targeted at WordPress beginners. If, however, you consider yourself to be a WordPress dab hand, you might still learn something new or at least refresh your memory of commonly underutilized features.

1. Screen Options

Let’s start with the Screen Options feature – this one is key to unlocking other cool things, as you’ll find out later!

Now, by default, each WordPress screen displays only the most commonly used functionalities. However, in the top-right of many WordPress screens, you’ll see aScreen Options button”.

20 Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About

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