Jeffrey L. Cohen says, “Sometimes I think about changing famous movie quotes to include marketing terms. I will admit that I may need to get out more, but these can be instructive in drawing some analogies to the topic at hand. Since this post is about leads, here are a few:

– May the leads be with you.
– Show me the leads.
– You can’t handle the leads.

B2B marketing is often all about generating leads for sales. And in our demand-driven culture, where marketing is held accountable for having an impact on revenue, it has become even more prevalent.

There are many ways to generate leads, and the process definitely influences the quality of leads that come in. If you approach the process with the scrappy mindset of a ragtag bunch of rebels who are trying to save the universe, your leads will reflect that”.

What’s more important than a B2B buyer’s lead score?

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