Usually, you wait until a visitor comes to your site, and cookie them while there so that when they later visit Facebook (or some other websites) they will again see an ad for your product.

Retargeting works, but it could work better if you were able to differentiate between a visitor who was on your site for a few seconds and one that was there for several minutes. Suppose you could only show your ads to people who showed an interest in your product by staying several minutes to read about it.

If you only show retargeting ads to people who have demonstrated an interest in your product, your ad costs drop, and you save a lot of money.

That’s what the new SproutAudience software lets you do smart retargeting and a lot more.

It lets you combine the conversion power of Facebook, the persuasion power of video & retargeting, using a simple dashboard.

You choose whether you want to create your targeted audiences from videos placed on Facebook or placed on your website. SproutAudience lets you run a campaign either place.

Then, just select how far into your video a viewer must watch (in seconds) in order to be included in your custom audience. So, if you only want to run ads to people who view at least 30 seconds of your video, you can.

SproutAudience is cloud-based and it integrates with all website platforms and page builders. So now you can build laser-targeted audiences on any of your sites: WordPress, HTML, Drupal, 3rd party page builders and eCom stores.

You can do better retargeting with the assistance of this cloud-based software. Get all the facts here: SproutAudience

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