Just announced and on sale for a reduced price today only, ScopeLeads searches the internet, looking for small businesses in need of marketing services, such as a website, a Facebook page, SEO and more.

This is more sophisticated than any lead finder you have ever used. It uses a proprietary algorithm to determine which leads actually need the services you are offering.

Once it finds a business in need of help, it automates getting in touch with them and following up. All you do is load up your e-mails and press the send button; ScopeLeads puts the rest on autopilot.

You get unlimited campaigns and unlimited searches in each campaign.

Right now, ScopeLeads is available at a one-time price point, but this weekend, the price rises. Soon, there will be an ongoing fee.

If you consult with local businesses, you certainly need to check this out today, before the price increase.

This may be your ticket to a $5k/month business,since all local businesses need online services. Some know it; some don’t. ScopeLeads finds the ones who know it, and hands them to you “on a silver platter.”

In fact, with its automated email delivery, the businesses can come to you so you may never make any more cold calls.

With this software you can:

• Find hot prospects with no manual research since ScopeLeads does all the work so you don’t have to.

• Create the financial security you need. The leads you get from ScopeLeads can be worth up to $1k-$2.5k for just a few hours work and very little selling.

• Become an instant authority using ScopeLeads‘s built-in ad-rating system to suggest instant improvements, and then deliver an ad optimization service to your clients.

• Grow your business faster than ever since you can get new prospects any time you want them.

When ScopeLeads give you leads, it filters them so you o0nly get the hottest leads so virtually anyone you contact wants a solution that you can supply.

You can restrict your targeting to a single country or even a single city, whatever market you want to serve. You can also restrict the leads to a particular type of business (dentist, auto repair, etc.)

But this one-time fee is almost gone. If this is your target market, act today.

Go grab it here : ScopeLeads.

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