Michael says, “Increasing the conversion rates is the most crucial and important task for a telemarketer of any industry. And having a really good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume. Say for example your goal here is to increase by 50 per cent and how would you do it.

Is it by advertising, producing more content by 50 per cent or by 50 per cent more time, effort and money into marketing.In short, if you have two conversions and are going to three you are then actually uplifting 50 per cent in results. So do you what your competitors have been using and what new have they been trying in order to stay ahead of their competitors.Then have a look at these.

Clearly stating the benefits of all your products and services:Listing out the features of your products and services is important, but even more important here is to tell the potential customers how your product would provide them with a solution to solve their problem.

Paying careful attention to your headline:Your headline is generally considered to be the single most element of your landing page. So try and brainstorm at least 10 possibilities before you go ahead and choose a headline for your landing page”.

Increase Your Conversion Rates By Following These Seven Strategies


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