Doodly doodle animation software was just released by Jimmy Kim and his partner, Brad Callen. It builds whiteboard (and blackboard) videos by simple drag and drop actions.

Through Monday, it is available on a “grand opening” discount; then the price rises.

What makes this software better than other whiteboard software you have used? Besides the novelty of having the option to create blackboard videos, you get:
• An easy to user interface that’s newbie and tech friendly
• A good selection of art objects you can drag into your videos
• Unlimited objects in your videos by uploading any object (PNG, SVG or JPG Images) you have in your collection.
• Software that works on both PC and Mac
• No limit on the number of videos you may create
• Professional looking videos without the cost of hiring a professional.

Doodly includes everything you need to get started and create your first video before the end of the day.

This profit-pulling video creation tool makes it simple to create the kind of videos you need to make sales and earn a living online.

During the grand opening, Kim and Callen are eliminating the monthly fee normally charged. Just a one-time fee gives you a complete personal license.

See this new tool in action and get your own copy here: Doodly.

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