Anjali Lai says, “Within 24 hours of its launch, Pokémon Go broke app download records and user numbers began multiplying by the minute. It wasn’t long before mysterious names like “Jigglypuff” and “Squirtle” peppered daily conversation, stampedes of mobile-obsessed gamers became commonplace, and augmented reality approached a tipping point.

The future arrives faster than we think.

Our latest research has identified five key factors of change that propel customers to embrace new experiences and introduced a segmentation to help measure how consumers evolve. Forrester’s Consumer Technographics® data shows that Progressive Pioneers, the segment evolving most rapidly along all five dimensions of change, are driving the Pokémon Go craze. With a lust for experimentation and emotional reward, a demand for seamless digital experiences, and savvy social skills, Progressive Pioneers catch ’em all and broaden awareness and acceptance of augmented reality along the way”.

The Data Digest: What Pokémon Go Reveals About Evolving Consumers


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