Ray Lane (He calls himself Ray the Video Guy) has been exploring a new Facebook feature that competes with Google Hangouts, called Facebook Live.

This is a new Facebook feature that builds engagement and brings in sales for savvy marketers who use it.

He has created FB Live Handbook , a straightforward checklist that helps you get started with this exciting new marketing tool.

Now, you can discover how to get started with Facebook Live and how to get grow your business using this powerful tool.

The elite personalities of our culture are already using it, people like movie and music celebrities and political candidates. With the instruction you get in FB Live Handbook., you can join them.

And cutting edge marketers are beginning to use Facebook Live, too. They see an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and earn the first mover advantage.

If you aren’t already using Facebook Live, now is your chance to get on board. Get your handbook hereFB Live Handbook.

By the way, the price will amaze you.

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