Jonathan Mimouni says, “It doesn’t come off as a surprise that marketers find themselves overwhelmed because there are about a thousand companies that are trying to sell one type of marketing technology or another in about 40 categories.

With the exception of software companies, there is a very low rate of adoption of marketing technology.

Companies in other major industries are only utilizing around two out of nine important marketing technologies that exist.

This is nothing but a wasted opportunity because a significant and rapid increase in return on investment have been reported by marketers who have adopted these tools.

Therefore, it is essential for every company’s marketing department to use, at a minimum, at least a few technologies for growing opportunities, leads and opportunities.

In most cases, these marketing technologies are an online form of direct marketing. Here is a list of some of them that should definitely be used by every business: Recommended online marketing strategies and technologies”.

Marketing Strategies and Technologies that You Should be Using for Your Business

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