What local business owner without a website would turn down a free website? Probably none would be that foolish?

They know they are losing customers unless they are online. They just are either afraid of the cost or of the complexity. If you take care of those two items, they are probably going to be eager to move forward.

You can charge them $10-$15 per month to host it for them (use a reseller account at one of the big hosting companies to host all your clients); they won’t balk at that. It’s an obvious bargain.

But is it a good deal for you, the consultant? Well, it depends on two things:
1. How much it costs you to build the site
2. How many follow-up services you are prepared to offer them.

If you could build their site, one that looks professional and inviting, in about 5 minutes, your cost is almost nothing.

If you can offer them site upgrades, a Facebook page, other social media management and other services (and charge appropriate fees for your work), you could have a very profitable lifetime client.

Mark Sandquist has just released Instant Site Machine, software that will build a site for a local business in minutes (he estimates 5 minutes.)

It is a good site and will please the business owner who is just getting started online, especially if you offer it for free. But there are plenty of opportunities for upgrades, too, so you can regularly offer your client improvements that can be profitable for you.

Here’s a sample site: Instant Site Machine Sample Site.

Just plug in the client’s photo, logo, phone number, etc., and you are done. It takes some time to gather their information, but inserting it can be done quickly.

Give them a list of the information you need them to supply (phot, phone number, etc) and when they give you what they want on their site, you can have their site up and running in short order.

In Instant Site Machine, Sandquist makes this process super easy, by giving you:
1. The Windows Software that creates the “Instant Site”
2. A video walk-through of me using the software to create an “Instant Site”
3. A video walk-through of me installing an “Instant Site”
4. A bonus bundle of copyright free images to use when building your Instant Sites
5. A video tutorial on using FTP to upload files to a web hosting site
6. A resources file with links to free software you can do to accomplish your work (FTP program, HTML Editor, image editor etc.)

All of this is so complete that it qualifies as a business in a box.

You can become a marketing consultant for offline businesses. Within a 50 mile radius of your home, there are probably enough businesses who need this service that this could become a full-time business for you.

Get all the details on this low-cost software, and get your copy here: Instant Site Machine

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