Nikki Gilliland says, “It is a platform best-known for providing inspiration, but Pinterest is now offering its 100m monthly users even more opportunities to buy online.

With the launch of new major features, here’s how it is aiming to become more of an ecommerce site in future.

Buy from anywhere

Since launching Buyable Pins in June last year, users have been able to search and buy items directly from Pinterest. However, this function was only available via the apps.

With the launch of Buyable Pins on the web, the platform now hopes that users will be more inclined to actually purchase through the site itself, instead of heading to retailers to checkout.

The amount of items available to buy on Pinterest has risen from 2m to over 10m in the space of a year, and with this latest feature, the amount looks set to further skyrocket”.

How Pinterest’s new features are encouraging users to shop


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