Eric Larson is offering his training called Little Guy Big Profits. In this collection of training videos, Larson shows you how you can offer online improvements to local businesses whose websites are missing a key ingredient for success.

He gives you the whole process, step by step. And he reports outstanding success with little push-back from the businesses he offers this upgrade to.

It’s easy to deliver, and he can make a nice profit each time he does it.

If you aren’t interested in local marketing, this may not be for you. But at only $1, you may want to get it, watch the first few videos and then decide.

You build a site where you show them what their site could be doing for them. They see the potential and then order Then you simply add the feature to their site and collect their payment.

Larson says you don’t need to sell; in fact, he says you shouldn’t sell. Just show them what’s possible. Open their eyes, and they will take the next step.

It’s surprising how many testimonials Larson has on his sales page. People are quite pleased with his training. And many report profiting from implementing it.

To top it all off, Larson says the process is easily passed to a virtual assistant. Let them do the prospecting for you.

There’s a lot more information on the sales page. Check it out and get your copy here: Little Guy Big Profits

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