Valerie Levin says, “We’ve all been victim to it. You’re perusing a site, reading an interesting article or scrolling your social feed and suddenly a headline or image catches your eye.

Without realizing it, you’ve clicked and been sucked into an advertisement.

But that was, in fact, the very goal of the company who produced the article and placed it strategically so as to bait your click among the site’s organic content.

Even if you felt duped by the ad, you probably weren’t as angry as if a pop-up kept harassing you or a sidebar overtook your online experience.

This subtle tactic, known as native advertising, might be sly, but it’s quite effective if executed correctly. The right native ads blend right in and entice viewers without directly declaring its overt promotional nature. The wrong native ads feel like paid articles in Reader’s Digest or infomercials during non-peak TV hours”.

When Native Advertising Works: Qualities of a Good Ad

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