Webinars add a personal touch to your selling. People can hear you an, usually, can see you. They feel a connection with you that a printed sales page just can’t produce.

When you create your webinars using a proven formula, your income should increase measurably.

Joel Petersen has been selling on webinars for years, and he has packaged his techniques and software he uses to run his webinars into a new product: Webinar Income System 2.0.

For years, marketers have known the selling power of webinars, and Petersen has helped regular people like you get started and finally make income online.

For example: One of his students made over 400K in just 3 months. (His results aren’t necessarily typical.)

If you made just a small fraction of that, you could consider yourself a success.

You are getting video training that shows you exactly how to plan, promote and present your webinars. And you are getting the InstaWebinar software that lets you run any number of webinars, with no monthly fees.

Petersen includes proof and case studies here: Webinar Income System 2.0

This training and software used to sell for $1,497 in the webinar community. And it sold well at that price. So, during this sale, this is a great bargain. You will be surprised at how little it costs.

IM NewsWatch, with Petersen’s help, has arranged a fine collection of bonuses for our readers. See your bonuses and get your copy of the whole package while this sale is underway, here: Webinar Income System 2.0 & IM NewsWatch bonuses

Don’t delay; the price is rising.

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